Our company-wide commitment includes a pledge to do no harm to people, assets, or the environment, a dedicated Safety Department that is relentless about eliminating any risks to our customers or employees, and a set of comprehensive safety guidelines to keep our operations incident and injury-free. Read more about our Safety programs and how we train staff to provide high quality, safe work results on our Safety & Training datasheet.


  • A comprehensive health and safety management system focused on written policies outlining our training, communication, safe behaviors, and compliance
  • An all-in-one compliance management software system allows for management of training, policies, incidents, audits, communication, and more
  • Safety training includes hazard awareness, safe work practices, customer-specific requirements, and all OSHA-required trainings
  • Our incident reporting and analysis process focuses on identifying root cause/contributing factors with the goal of improving and sharing lessons learned
  • A people-based approach, understanding that people work safely to keep themselves and others injury free, not just to be compliant
  • A daily focus on jobsite hazards and mitigations through a daily safety briefing / Job Hazard Analysis process


  • Network Connex maintains Injury Rates and Experience Modification Rates (EMR) well below the industry average
  • Top-level leadership commitment with a staff of dedicated safety professionals


National Safety Council member badge and logo

As a member of the National Safety Council, Network Connex has access to tools, connections, and resources that enable us to build a culture of safety throughout our organization.

NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association is a non-profit trade association dedicated to providing a unified voice for companies in the diverse tower and communications infrastructure construction, service, and maintenance industries.

The NATE STAR Initiative was designed to help companies operate safely while recognizing tower erectors who voluntarily adhere to higher standards. The NATE STAR Initiative emphasizes Safety, Training, Accountability, and Reliability by asking participants to commit to requisite levels of training, site safety audits, and the implementation of safety programs while adhering to industry best practices. Our South Division, formerly called VERTICOM, is a NATE STAR Initiative participating company.

Since the inception of the National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA), its focus has been on the development of a broad scope Tower Technician job certification, by applying a new approach to improving worker safety and reducing deaths in the industry. The NWSA was established as strictly a safety-driven certification organization for individuals who work in the telecommunications industry.

National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) contractors are the technical professionals responsible for the most innovative and safest electrical construction in the U.S. NECA members offer their clients superior performance and are committed to delivering quality results.

Our teams are trained in many areas of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, including OSHA 10/30-hour trainings, empowering our workforce to maintain a high level of hazard awareness and risk avoidance.

Network Connex employs authorized first aid/CPR trainers that prepare our workforce to promptly react to medical events that may occur.

Network Connex utilizes Smith System Driver Awareness training to provide our drivers with the knowledge and tools needed to make better decisions behind the wheel.

Network Connex is an Avetta member

Network Connex is an approved contractor in Avetta, verifying customer requirements in all aspects of safety and compliance.

If you have questions about our safety programs, please email our Training, Safety & Quality team at