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Today’s cable MSOs are facing competitive threats from non-traditional service providers, while also being challenged to optimize infrastructure for the highest quality service.

From helping overbuild their copper plant with high-capacity fiber (FTTh) to upgrading and retrofitting their central offices and data centers with the latest in digital infrastructure, Network Connex empowers providers to keep – and even expand – their share of the market. Many facilities constructed over the last decade require modernization to boost efficiency and roll out digital advancements. The key to success is partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable team familiar with the latest innovations and possessing required OEM certifications. Our teams have years of industry experience to identify and mitigate any potential problems and help you prepare for future growth.


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Our Services

Structured Cabling

With our copper and fiber structured cabling services, customers achieve increased communication speeds, greater reliability, scalability, and improved security.

Video Reception Platform Configuration

Network Connex provides configuration of antenna systems for satellite video reception.

AC/DC Power

We provide engineering and installation of DC powered equipment, power boards, batteries, BDFBs, and monitoring equipment.

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Network Connex provides infrastructure expertise including overbuilding networks and the integration of new equipment with existing infrastructure to assure proper operation at all load levels. Full infrastructure installation services include ladder rack, basket tray, fiber tray, overhead conveyance, relay racks, cabinets, and a wide-range of metal accessories.


Our unmatched services include equipment installation, inventory reporting, connectivity, labeling, equipment transportation and staging, and insurance.

Network Configuration

We provide engineering, installation, and testing services across multiple platforms in support of wireless, wireline, data center, and cable MSO customers, including software implementation and configuration. Project completion includes acceptance testing and installation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Engineering & Greenfield Infrastructure
  • Racks & Cabinets
  • Overhead Conveyance/Ladder Rack/Basket Track
  • Fiber/Copper/Coax Cabling
  • Fiber Testing & Characterization
  • OSP Campus Fiber Ties
  • AC/DC Power
  • Grounding & Bonding
  • Integration Services
  • Configuration for Satellite Video Reception
  • Commissioning/Software Implementation/Configuration

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