Leverage Our Fiber Network services Expertise for a Crystal-Clear Advantage

From ISPs to dark fiber providers, fiber network operators face an onslaught of high-level priorities, including unprecedented deployment demands and the need for sustainable reliability, all while retaining customers and delivering growth.

Network Connex has a successful track record of providing communications infrastructure solutions to stakeholders including fiber carriers, dark fiber providers, utilities, manufacturers, and other infrastructure developers. We offer both a complete turnkey solution and an a la carte approach to help  solve many challenges. Our expert team – available 24/7/365 — understands the complexities of fiber optic network design, make ready engineering, and proper deployment to support any fiber optics project from beginning to end while meeting the highest industry standards.


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Our Services

Design and engineering depicted by a blueprint and compass icon

Fiber Design & Engineering

From high-level design to detailed make ready engineering, our professionals deliver feasibility studies, surveying/audit services, and AAV/diverse fiber route design, understanding that effective routes are the first step to meeting individual project and broader corporate goals.

Professional Services & ROW Permitting

From the public right-of-way permitting, through private property investigation, site acquisition, and review of legal agreements, our real estate and professional services teams have the consulting experience to assist with any portion of the network design phase to ensure the most successful outcome.

Program Management

Our program managers safeguard the quality of each project plan and its deliverables, understanding the intense amount of pre-work and supply chain management needed for successful completion of the project. Telecom program management is essential as the network converges and becomes a part of a complex system with many moving parts and players.

Multistrand fiber optics cable icon

OSP/ISP Placement, Splicing & Testing

Network Connex uniquely handles both OSP fiber and ISP fiber applications and has more than 15 years of experience with fiber optic technologies. We're your trusted low voltage contractor for installation and maintenance of the all fiber types including single mode, multimode, rollable, ribbon fiber, and high count fiber.

Fiber Construction & Construction Management

Network Connex personnel have extensive experience with both underground fiber and aerial fiber deployments in various markets throughout the U.S. From fiber blowing and subducting to trenching, directional boring, and other plowing and boring methods, our teams perform safe, high quality fiber network construction services. We can also oversee quality for a build performed by your third party contractor.


Network Connex offers full-service field inspection of construction services with accurate field reporting, and has experienced engineers and qualified inspectors for both aerial and underground construction. The inspection process uses internally developed GIS data or client-required fielding tools for accurate reporting.

Areas of Expertise

  • Feasibility Studies & High-Level Fiber Design
  • ROW Permitting
  • Site Surveys
  • Fiber Engineering
  • OSP Fiber Placement
  • ISP Fiber Placement
  • OSP Fiber Splicing
  • ISP Fiber Splicing
  • Fiber Testing
  • FTTH and FTTX
  • Middle Mile & Long Haul
  • Fiber Ring
  • Aerial Fiber Construction
  • Underground Fiber Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Program Management
  • EV Charging

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