Leveraging Communications and Power Infrastructures to Deliver Better Service and Expand to Underserved Markets

Local, state, and federal agencies are struggling with finding qualified resources to help them define, design, and deploy a new digital infrastructure. Utilities are challenged with using their communications networks more effectively to manage demand and improve supply reliability and responsiveness.

Recognized as a trusted source in the digital communications infrastructure industry, our experience and expertise can help agencies navigate how to apply and secure funding through well thought out and designed fiber and wireless networks that support a host of services and applications – from broadband internet, traffic controls, safety, GPS location, police/fire/rescue services to AI and IOT platforms.  And, with strained networks, utilities can turn to Network Connex to accelerate advanced infrastructure capabilities, modernize their communications networks, and improve business and operational responsiveness.


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Our Services

Design and engineering depicted by a blueprint and compass icon

OSP/ISP Fiber Design & Engineering

From high level to extreme detail, our engineering professionals understand the principles of fiber optic cabling and networking and how to efficiently place cabling to meet project goals.

Multistrand fiber optics cable icon

OSP/ISP Fiber Placement, Splicing & Testing

We have the resources to handle the largest splicing projects in high-count fiber, the finesse to splice and protect complex enterprise fiber networks, and the commitment to take care of any emergency fiber network restoration needs.

Construction & Construction Management

Network Connex personnel have extensive OSP construction experience within various markets throughout the U.S and is available to provide assistance throughout a project until its successful completion.


Network Connex offers full-service field inspection of construction services with accurate field reporting and has experienced engineers and qualified inspectors for each type of construction (aerial, buried or underground).

Program Management & Professional Services

Our program managers safeguard the quality of each project plan and its deliverables, as well as understand the intense amount of pre-work and ongoing coordination. Our professional services team consists of engineers, site acquisition specialists, permitting professionals, and construction managers skilled at analyzing, designing, and deploying telecom projects on time and on budget.

Wireless Network Services

We provide full turnkey wireless design, engineering, and implementation services for indoor and outdoor deployments – including new site builds, modifications and upgrades, iDAS, small cell and macro deployments, decommissioning, and more.

Federal funding is available for fiber expansion projects

Areas of Expertise

  • Design & Engineering
  • SAC/Permitting
  • Implementation
  • Construction, Construction Management and Program Management
  • Fiber Placement, Splicing and Testing
  • Emergency Restoration

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