As a knowledgeable partner, Network Connex enabled a legacy service provider to successfully execute their new FTTH network

One legacy service provider sought a partner to execute on their new Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network. The support they found in Network Connex turned their ambitious goals into reality.


Fiber internet, when available, offers more reliable bandwidth at an affordable price to meet demand not just for today, but for decades to come. But historically, broadband connectivity in rural swaths of the U.S. has been either unreliable or simply unavailable. In the modern moment when many employers offer a work from home option and an internet connection can be the sole prerequisite for job opportunities, a lack of dependable, statewide broadband threatens personal and business economics.

Recent legislation in states with expansive rural areas has jumpstarted plans to deploy broadband service for large segments of their citizens. In one southern state, FTTH providers submitted proposals to meet a state-sanctioned broadband goal. Our customer has historically been one of the key FTTH providers statewide. With their roots established in-state in the early 20th century, today their product suite includes highspeed internet, data and cloud connectivity, and voiceover internet telephone solutions.

With this expertise, the internet provider was successful in winning key contracts from the state to expand fiber access. But with hefty network expansion goals and a tight turnaround time, the team needed a partner that could help them expedite the build process. Network Connex’s South Region already had a strong relationship with the provider, and possessed the permitting, internal testing, and equipment installation expertise required for the projects.


Once the fiber internet provider was awarded state broadband projects, there were five key challenges to work through with Network Connex:

Our customer was hungry to be the first FTTH provider in new markets, so Network Connex had to agree to a rigorous deployment timeline with little room for error along the way.

Network Connex was tasked with completing typically inflexible parts of the work, like permitting and engineering plans, within incredibly limited timeframes.

Construction in new geographies always includes a learning curve to find optimal local vendors. Network Connex had to know where to locate those resources, fast.

Since the internet provider was working under an aggressive deadline, Network Connex had to submit accurate, high-level designs with no room for error.

Throughout the project construction, supply chain challenges were rampant around the nation.

The partnership between Network Connex and our customer was integral to expanding residential FTTH service and broadband reach across the state. Network Connex had to tap into their legacy knowledge of planning and installation to thrive under strict deadlines.


Network Connex jumped all in with the rapid pace set for deployment. First, the team focused on delivering accurate, high-level, quality designs which expedited the testing and turn-up portions of projects immensely. The team also had to locate the best vendors in small, rural towns, and maximize existing partnerships with suppliers. All of this was in the midst of national supply chain chaos and shortages. With strong, long-term vendor relationships, Network Connex was able to obtain all materials in good time to meet project deadlines.

Network Connex met our customer where they were to execute on their first-to-market vision. Between permitting and developing engineering plans, the pressure was on, yet the team still excelled. Network Connex helped this rural internet provider to deliver their vision and surpass their quarterly goals.

Today, our customer and Network Connex continue a solid partnership. Since the fiber networks are designed, deployed, and managed by Network Connex, our company knows the network, routing, and access points inside and out and can quickly help with new implementation or maintenance in the areas.

FTTH enables broadband internet for all



As the fiber internet provider expanded its commercial network throughout one southern state, Network Connex was tasked with providing full turnkey services, including permitting through construction, testing, turn-up, splicing, equipment installations, and more.


Together, the fiber internet provider and Network Connex expanded the core network to underserved regions of the state. Despite ample challenges with timelines, sourcing, and materials management, Network Connex was the key partner that helped execute and make rural broadband dreams a reality.


Fiber to the home (FTTH) connection