Network Connex Boosts FTTH offering with Fire Fox purchase

CHICAGO, IL, Dec. 5, 2022 — Network Connex, a leader in mission-critical digital communications infrastructure services, announces the purchase of Fire Fox Aerial Fiber, further expanding the company’s aerial Fiber To The Home installation (FTTH) capabilities.

Today, rural residents are demanding access to higher broadband speeds necessary for work, education, and healthcare. BroadbandNow, a publisher of independent research on broadband in America, found that over 42 million rural residents lack high-speed internet. Fortunately, FTTH can now be expanded in rural and remote regions about two and a half times faster than usual by means of above-ground fiber optic cable. With aerial FTTH, residents can get faster internet and increased bandwidth resulting in improving the local economy, advancing remote e-learning, and accelerating digital inclusion.

“The purchase of Fire Fox supports our strategic growth plans to strengthen and expand our expertise in bringing fiber to the home across the country — including the many unserved and underserved rural areas. Rolling out aerial FTTH technology is a necessity to connect these rural communities,” said Doug Wittrock, Network Connex’s Executive Vice President. “As our customers’ needs evolve, we’re constantly enhancing and deepening our capabilities to meet their critical requirements with the most reliable and scalable end-to-end solutions.”

Aerial fiber cable is an optimal solution for network operators as it can be laid using the existing overhead telephone and power poles, saving construction costs and significantly shortening the construction period. In addition, aerial fiber can carry 10 times more data than copper and transmit information 400 times further and 10 times faster.

Founded in 2014 and based in Jones, Oklahoma, Fire Fox has more than 30 years of aggregate experience in OSP fiber construction with specialization in aerial fiber installation.

About Network Connex

Network Connex brought together the expertise of Advantage Engineers, CCSI Networks, Fairhaven Integration Services, National Technologies (NTI), and VERTICOM to leverage regional strengths, operational synergies, and expand our footprint to provide best-in-class, self-performing digital communications infrastructure services throughout the U.S. and globally.

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